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AI in MedTech

AI in MedTech

Innovative use cases vs. practical feasibility – we interviewed AI experts. Take a look at our playlist on the topic of "AI in MedTech".

The Future of Digital Engineering

UNITY connects you to the future of Digital Engineering.

How are we going to consume?

How will consumer behavior change after the Corona crisis? Will our purchases be quick and wasteful or will we focus on product quality and lifespan?

How are we going to produce?

The Corona crisis is changing the way we produce: Will we produce global or regional? What effect does this have on automation?

How are we going to work?

The Corona crisis is changing the way we work: Will working in the office become a rarity after the corona-crisis? Will work life shift permanently to the home office via virtual channels?

How are we going to live?

The Corona crisis is changing the way we live: Will we remain frozen in fear after the crisis, will a hedonistic now-first-right mentality establish itself or will we take more time for each other?

Short Version: Big Picture Medical Technology Industry

Our big picture of the future medical technology industry provides an overview of key industry-specific topics.

Long Version: Big Picture Medical Technology Industry

In addition to each key topic, the video highlights the problem statement, potential solutions and exemplary benefits for medical technology.

Participation in the Hackathon #WirvsVirus

NEXT Data Service created a solution that collects the capacity of hospital beds to predict possible shortages.

Development of an intelligent sewing machine at Dürkopp Adler

With a project for the development of an intelligent sewing machine, UNITY took first place in the "Best of Consulting" award of Wirtschaftswoche.

What if we could celebrate Christmas on Mars?

Rapid digital developments are making the mobility of the future unpredictable. How will the future of mobility will look like?

Factory planning at Lufthansa Technik

As a factory planner, UNITY worked with LHT to develop the target processes and the layout as the basis for project implementation.

Future Development

The future of product development: How to successfully solve future challenges with UNITY and Systems Engineering.

Consulting Experience

In our video, you can find out what working in projects with UNITY can look like. Experience consulting with UNITY.

UNITY at "Eintracht Digital"

How do experts see the role of digitalisation and cyber security in football?

Innovation & Digitalization

Digitalization is challenging businesses across all industries. Together with UNITY, businesses will successfully master digital transformation.

Video-Insights: Japan Lean Study Tour

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