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Overview of UNITYacademy

A partner and guide in empowering your employees

Qualified employees determine the success of companies. This fact has developed into a core aspect of a company’s competitiveness considering factors such as ongoing demographic change, the growing shortage of skilled workers and the required skills that are constantly changing. As the importance of qualified employees increases, the demands on employee development increase as well. Above all, this applies to training concepts, learning formats and content.

In order to cope with this increasing complexity, we provide you with a wide range of individual training courses as well as a holistic concept to qualify your employees. This concept combines the individual development needs of target groups with modern learning formats in a range of training seminars. This way, you can proactively design and control your company’s competency development. You determine at which point you want to start with us.

UNITYacademy’s structured approach is divided into the following three steps:

Analyze and Understand

Create an understanding for the challenges of the future. Analyze current and future tasks and derive the required skills.

Awareness and Motivation

Make your employees aware of the need for change. Motivate them to develop personally by pursuing common goals.

Empower and Support

Empower your employees to face the challenges of digital change successfully. Provide them with support to implement change in their daily work successfully.

Focus: Empower and Support

Employee development is changing due to new trends and technologies. The pure transfer of knowledge through frontal teaching and presentations only comprises a small fraction of the transfer of skills [10%]. Most development takes place through project-based application and integration into daily work [70%]. In addition, networks serve as platforms for the exchange of information as well as learning experiences and challenges [20%].

As a result, UNITYacademy’s guiding principle is long-term empowerment for our customers and employees. Therfore, we have developed structured training paths that enable the transfer of knowledge, in the right context, for exchange and integration into daily work. The content takes into consideration both the training of methodological and professional competence as well as the further development of personality. With this triad as the basis for the training paths, we focus on holistic learning with practice-oriented training and make your organization fit for digitalization.

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