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In times of increasing complexity and diversity in a company’s products, services and business models, it is increasingly important for employee training and qualification to be holistic, demand-oriented and sustainable. Buzzwords such as "lifelong learning" and "learner journeys" are becoming critical elements of personnel development.

The UNITYacademy provides you with support as a human resources manager, executive or the person who is responsible for digital transformation along the UNITYacademy approach.

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Example of a training path

Target group: Sales representatives for logistics solutions

The majority of companies usually already have their own training catalogues. Training courses are often provided separately and are not consistently geared to the needs of the respective target groups. As a result, training courses do not reach their full potential, inefficiencies arise and the sustainable knowledge transfer is lost. We therefore recommend developing holistic and target group-specific training paths.

The following is an example that illustrates the approach of a holistic training path:

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