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Thomas Kleinegees, Managing Director, SITA Bauelemente

"UNITY‘s consultants and trainers have supported us in many ways over the past few years. From an analysis of our HR tools, to a Digitalization Quick Check to standardizing and professionalizing our project management. Together, we qualified our project managers and strengthened them for future challenges. Thanks to UNITY, we are well prepared for digitalization challenges due to a holistic approach and employee qualification."

Katrin Heinermann, Senior Consultant, UNITY and UNITYacademy Trainer

"In addition to consulting in customer projects, UNITY offers me the opportunity to include my practical experience as a trainer in training courses internally and with customers. Well-founded employee qualification in both hard and soft skills is an essential step in being prepared for digitalization challenges at any company. Together with our team of trainers, we ensure that our training courses correspond to the latest developments on the market at all times."

Dennis R. Schmidt, Team Leader, UNITY

"The UNITYacademy enables me to gain qualifications in the area of digitalization quickly and flexibly by using various training formats such as digital course offerings. UNITY prepares me well to face current and future challenges in my position as a team leader by supporting my individual development through face-to-face training that is tailored to my needs."

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