UNITY is an Incubator, Consultant, Partner and Investor of new Business Ideas.

UNITY Beteiligungs AG & Company Builder

The Start-up Partner for Founders and SMEs in the Digital Age

Digitalization is changing the structures of value creation. This is creating many opportunities for new business models. Particularly in Germany, there is a lack of a distinct founder culture. German SMEs tend to focus on evolutionary innovation. The UNITY Beteiligungs AG supports new companies in the digital age. Based on our experience, we are able to seize opportunities and reduce barriers to entering the market. We act individually as an incubator, consultant, partner or investor. The services offered by the Company Builder of the UNITY Beteiligungs AG support companies from their founding through various growth phases, and up to the exit.


Business Founding

  • Incubator for new company founding/ startups and addressing business ideas from the IoT environment
  • Agile development of digital innovations and services
  • Basic financing/ capital participation
  • Business legal structure
  • Completion of founding formalities
  • Investment in the OWL technology fund
  • Creative freedom for UNITY employees to start companies through the ‘Exploration Zone’
  • Seize business opportunities by supporting M&A topics

Business Infrastructure

  • Building strategic alliances
  • Consulting services and infrastructure (Operations Packet) at cost price
  • Synergies and exchange of competencies with established companies and startups in the UNITY network
  • Assistance with legal questions

Business Ramp-Up

  • Founding partner and mentoring
  • Sparring partner for strategy development and business model design
  • Joint venture models to collaboratively shape digital transformation
  • Growth financing 

Startups and Investments of the UNITY Company Builder

Target Groups of the UNITY Company Builder


"UNITY is at the forefront of the times: Digitalization has accompanied UNITY since its founding."


"UNITY solves digitalization tasks holistically."


"We promote the development of our employees and give them the opportunity to apply their knowledge or become entrepreneurs."


"We offer flexible career options as consultants, founders and specialists."

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