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UNITY Supplier Code of Conduct

UNITY is the management consultancy for the digital transformation. We turn our customers into pioneers of digitalization by increasing their innovative strength and operational excellence. We are fully aware of our responsibility to our customers, shareholders, employees and the organizations with which we operate.

We expect our suppliers to act according to the same ethical principles. Therefore, UNITY has developed a Code of Conduct for suppliers that sets standards for business relationships with a company.

UNITY's Code of Conduct formulates standards and defines the requirements of our suppliers:

Compliance with Internationally Recognized Human and Labor Rights

Personal dignity, privacy and the personal rights of each individual must be respected. Employees cannot be subject to any physical punishment or physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. All employees, regardless of color, race, nationality, social origin, possible disability, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs and gender or age, will be treated strictly according to their skills and qualifications in all employment decisions, including but not limited to recruitment, promotion, compensation, benefits, training, dismissals and termination. 

Prohibition of Child Labor and Forced Labor

Child labor of any kind is prohibited. Where local law does not prescribe a higher age limit, children of school age or persons under 15 years of age may not be employed (except in accordance with ILO Convention No. 138). Workers under 18 years of age may not perform dangerous work and may be excluded from night shifts when taking educational needs into account. Forced labor of any kind is prohibited. This includes forced labor, bonded labor or other forms of bondage. 

Compliance with legal standards and environmental guidelines as well as precautionary environmental protection

The Supplier is obliged to comply with the environmental regulations and standards concerning its business activities and act in an environmentally responsible manner at all of its operational locations. Environmental pollution is to be minimized and environmental protection should be continuously improved.

Adhering to and Promoting Business Ethics

The supplier is obliged to comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which he is doing business. Any form of corruption or bribery is prohibited, whether active or passive.

Compliance with Occupational Safety

The supplier is obliged to strive for implementing a high level of occupational health and safety. The Supplier is obliged to comply with the applicable occupational health and safety regulations and shall ensure a safe and healthy working environment in order to maintain the health of its employees and to prevent accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses.

Wages and Social Benefits, Working Hours

Compensation and social benefits must comply with the basic principles of minimum wages, overtime and statutory social benefits. Working hours must at least comply with applicable laws, industry standards or relevant ILO conventions, whichever is stricter. Overtime should only be voluntary and the employees must be granted at least one day off after six consecutive working days. 

We also expect our direct suppliers to ensure that their subcontractors and suppliers comply with this policy. They are encouraged to share the content of this policy with all stakeholders in their supply chain and to actively promote compliance with it.


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