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Strengthen your supply chains for the challenges of the future

The coronavirus is currently putting the resilience of supply chains and supply chain management of almost all companies to the test. In recent years, supply chain management has been trimmed for efficiency, but in the current crisis, problems are magnified as if under a burning glass:

  • Additional staff is not available but the staffing level is strained anyway due to the lack of skilled workers.
  • Safety stocks have to be adjusted, but there is no transparency regarding the ability of direct and subordinate suppliers to deliver.
  • The IT infrastructure is not geared to the requirements and the introduction of SAP S/4 HANA and other cloud services is yet to come.

In the short term, companies can meet such challenges with higher expenses for control, safety stocks or diversification of suppliers. To make your supply chain resilient, we build up with you a transparent, responsive, self-regulating and limitless supply chain. The optimized supply chain changes from a risk factor to a driver of business success! After the end of the corona crisis, it enables a fast ramp-up and growth. In doing so, we not only implement ad hoc activities for stabilization but combine these with the strategic orientation for your successful restart after the crisis.

Concrete steps torwards a successful supply cahin

Most companies are aware of their current challenges and its potentials in supply chain management. However, their next steps are not clearly defined. Together with you, we work out a coordinated target picture and record all necessary activities in a smart logistics roadmap. In your strategy for the supply chain of the future, both innovative future projects and permanently important optimization topics should be considered. Future projects such as Blockchain in logistics, AI to improve forecasting and platform-based IT architectures for rapid scaling benefit from our innovation and implementation competence. The continuous topics in supply chain management, e.g. logistics costs, outsourcing and inhousing, supplier development, material flow and network optimization benefit from our many years of supply chain experience in implementation and digitalization. In this way you can achieve your goals together with UNITY:

  1. reduction of logistics costs
  2. increasing horizontal networking and transparency along the supply chain
  3. reducing stocks while ensuring security of supply
  4. reduction of the cycle time


Your way to a future-proof supply chain with UNITY

Together with you, we implement optimal supply chains from strategic alignment to daily operations. With us you can reach:

  • Customized solutions for your individual questions. Our supply chain consultants have many years of experience in various industries and deliver holistic approaches. We are distinguished for this.
  • Consideration of current technology trends through our innovative strength. Take a look at our Future Mobility Map
  • Increased security of supply through AI-based optimization of your forecasting and the integration of smart factory approaches
  • Reduced logistics costs by implementing our best practices for transport management, intralogistics and inventory and purchasing optimization.
  • Consistently integrated IT and OT in your supply chain through our digitization and industry 4.0 expertise
  • Customized implementation of project goals in terms of time, cost and quality through our outstanding competence in (agile) project management
  • High acceptance of the changes through early and consistent integration of all employees and partners involved
  • Dynamic adaptation of planning and high quality thanks to digital planning tools, e.g. simulation

Our Consulting Services Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy

Taking market developments into consideration, your corporate goals and vision are reviewed. Based on core business competences and prevailing circumstances, your supply chain strategy is formulated, adjusted and tracked with the help of implementation projects.

Smart Logistics

Industrie 4.0 is comprised of a diverse range of networked components that lead to intelligent value chains. UNITY determines your Industrie 4.0 maturity level and specifies the possible steps of development for your company. Together, we create custom Industrie 4.0 solutions considering cost-benefit-aspects and transfer them into a roadmap. Fulfillment is verified based on the UNITY maturity model.


With a focus on core processes, UNITY derives logistics goals and supports the necessary activities for outsourcing, from requirement specification to implementation and transfer into day-to-day business.

Optimizing Logistics Costs

Logistics processes are evaluated by means of process costing and optimization concepts are developed taking benchmarks as well as variable and fixed costs into consideration.

Optimizing Material Flow through Digital Planning

Material flow control is aimed at the flow-oriented optimization of the entire value chain. Based on actual processes that are recorded in advance for each project group, the current situation is dynamically simulated in order to identify waste. UNITY then develops a target concept that is lean-based, including optimized production control. By means of digitally simulating material flow, the resulting concept is validated so that the planned savings potentials can be verified.

Production Network Planning

UNITY develops both the ideal and the real planning of the production networks considering the product requirements as well as development of strategic framework conditions for facility locations.

Supplier Development

A focused supplier relationship offers great potential for cost reduction, while it simultaneously ensures a high level of quality and availability of parts. With established criteria for supplier segmentation, UNITY develops standardized supplier classifications.

Transport Network Planning

The development and simulation of an optimal supply network that enables the highest level of supply reliability at the lowest costs.

Warehouse Planning and Dimensioning

When documenting the foundation for planning, UNITY analyzes among others aspects, quantities. Based on the potentials that are identified, appropriate target concepts are developed including the selection of suitable types of warehouses.

Supplier Management

Appropriate partners are identified though supplier segmentation and evaluation. Based on this, processes are developed that lead to resource-optimized supplier control and simultaneous quality assurance. This allows a focused management of the strategic suppliers.

Supplier Integration

Suitable delivery concepts are determined for each product and supplier in the context of an overall procurement strategy. Target integration concepts and target information flows are developed taking automation possibilities into consideration.

Optimizing Control Processes

The control processes are core drivers of efficiency in material and carrier movements. Target processes are developed and IT requirements are derived to select appropriate solutions for efficient and stable transport procedures.

Distribution Logistics

In order to increase the flexibility of distribution, UNITY develops measures that allow for the latest possible customer specifications within a product’s production process. Optimal inventories for finished products are ensured by continuously orienting warehouse inventories towards customer cycles.

Lean Management and Smart Production

Lean Production as success factor for the sustainable increase in entrepreneurial profitability

Cyber Security in Supply Chain Management

In the supply chain sector, there is usually a discrepancy between the enormous importance of cyber security and the implementation status of valid security concepts. This gap can be closed by targeted activities and a lasting cyber security strategy. Read more about it!

Customers about Supply Chain & Logistics Management with UNITY

“Together with UNITY, we have succeeded in identifying concrete digitization solutions to optimize our added value. One of the success factors was the early involvement of all key stakeholders, which resulted in a high level of acceptance for the concepts developed.

Axel Berger, Head of Digital Transformation, thyssenkrupp Materials Services

Membership at the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg

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