Conduction of Open Innovation Ideation Campaigns


More than 100 initial ideas; 10 matured ideas for new products and services

  • Conception of two campaigns to develop ideas for services to support craftsmen and to apply projection tools at the construction site
  • Analysis of customer problems and needs, including real „customer journeys“ at the construction site
  • Development of visions of the future by trends and what-if questions
  • Conduction of open innovation ideations events
  • Maturation of ideas, including the development of rough demonstrators and by large group participation formats
  • Transfer of prioritized ideas to the development process

What our customer says about the project

"With the help of UNITY we were able to structure and conduct our open innovation campaigns successfully by using innovative tools and systematic approaches. Thus we were able to create completely new ideas and to derive first concepts successfully."

Dr. Michael Ottersbach, Group Leader Product Management, Viega Technology GmbH & Co. KG

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