Energy Scenarios used as a strategy check of current business models

in the chemical industry and for the initialization of innovation activities


Future of Energy Systems

  • Implementation of a group-wide Foresight process for the development of alternative Energy Scenarios
  • Identification of specific and cross-divisional expectations for current issues 
  • Development of relevant, consistent Energy Scenarios with experts from politics, technology, chemistry, etc.
  • Creation of different formats used for communicating the developed Energy Scenarios (personas, storytelling etc.)
  • Sensitization of the organization through robustness checks of existing business models and conduction of innovation workshops for new R&D activities


„Together with UNITY, we have developed future-oriented Scenarios for the Energy market based on a tailor-made Foresight process and the involvement of various impulses and experts. Due to that, we are able to set up our different business areas with unified images of the future.”

- Dirk Bartels, Corporate Function Technology, Innovation & Sustainability, thyssenkrupp AG

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