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Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze

IT Strategy

Initial Situation and Project Objectives

Within the Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze Group, several international locations that own historically evolved, heterogeneous IT system environments cooperate and communicate with each other. The distinctly different (IT) processes make it more diffi cult to comprehensively control the decentralized IT organization.

Together with UNITY, an IT audit was therefore carried out with the goal of obtaining insight into the current status of the IT organization, IT services, IT architecture and the processes currently in practice. The analysis was based on an evaluation using degrees of maturity. CobiT was selected as the best-practice model for IT governance.

"The different growth rates at our various locations have had a high impact on the advancements of our IT. The consultants at UNITY have pulled together a comprehensive overview of our current IT situation in a very short period of time, while also deducing our demand for action and successfully assisting us in carrying out the necessary measures. We are therefore optimally positioned to meet the future requirements and projects of our customers in the international automotive industry."

Rainer Bogner, Managing Director, Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH

Tasks of UNITY

In addition to carrying out the IT audit, UNITY also took over support of IT management at Sumitomo. The main tasks of the UNITY consultants were:

  • Creating transparency by means of a standardized view of the actual IT situation at 22 international locations
  • Drawing up of IT development plans
  • Identification of additional spheres of activity
  • Drawing up of an IT project roadmap
  • Assistance in implementing short-term, medium-term and long-term measures that were initiated
  • Preparation of a framework for IT portfolio management
  • Carrying out strategy meetings with the managerial level as well as workshops with those responsible for IT on-site based on the audit results

Benefits for the Client

In a short period of time, the new IT manager of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH obtained in-depth insights into the current IT equipment as a result of the IT audit and improved his capacity to act with respect to optimizing the IT organization.

To this end, UNITY brought the necessary systematics and experience to the table. Building upon the IT audit results, additional key steps could be initiated. The perception of IT and its accomplishments was noticeably improved at all locations. These results will be further used to establish a global IT governance framework.

Sumitomo Bordnetze GmbH now has more assurance with respect to activities and planning, and is thus optimally positioned for the increasing requirements in a global environment that is becoming ever more complex.

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