Implementation support for a new factory


Machine relocation planning and successful commissioning of a new factory

  • Scheduling the machine relocation by machine capacity and job order planning
  • Layout validation and documentation of the operating equipment to be relocated
  • Preparation and supervision of the tender for the machine relocation
  • Coaching of the project team and management of the service providers
  • Establishment of communication structures to ensure successful implementation
  • Support in ramp-up management
  • Experience from the UNITY pre-project "Factory Planning" guarantees comprehensive understanding of the project

What our customer says about the Smart Manufacturing project

„UNITY was able to build directly on the results of the preliminary factory planning project. UNITY's methodical and goal-oriented approach enabled a clean planning and ensured a successful commissioning of the factory on time.“

Alexander Werz, Senior Project Manager, AO-O Global Operations Schott AG

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