Realignment of the market approach

based on the "Remmert 2020" roadmap


Roadmap „Remmert 2020“: Consistency from strategy to operational sales management

  • Stepwise identification of new target markets by analyzing market potential, entrance barriers and applicable market entry models​
  • Measurable sales, cost and resource plan for selected EU target markets​
  • Tracking of progress and target achievement in monthly sales team reviews (incl. KPI framework)​
  • Synchronization of sales and management planning​
  • Adjustment of the organizational model to an internationalized sales organization

What our Customer says about the Project

“Together with UNITY, we optimized our sales approach in multiple dimensions. By streamlining sales processes and clearly shaping our USPs, we created the fundament for a sustainable differentiation in the market.”

Matthias Remmert, Managing Director, Friedrich Remmert GmbH​

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