Planning of a new production facility


Digital Factory Planning

METTLER TOLEDO relied on UNITY’s expertise from the very start in the planning of a new production facility for its Product Inspection Division in Tampa, Florida. First, the growth strategy and the strategic and planning parameters were defined, upon which UNITY developed a new production concept together with METTLER TOLEDO. This concept was marked, above all, by a significant increase in the degree of automation as well as the change from production in assembly bays to an assembly flow line. This resulted in significant improvements in the production time, lead time and space efficiency. The production concept served as the foundation for ‘inside-out’ layout planning. Based on the target processes that were planned, UNITY worked together with METTLER TOLEDO and the architect to design the layout and the building in several iterations. UNITY also assisted in the on-going change management during the construction phase with regard to both changes in the building layouts as well as changes in the production concept, for example, setting up and testing the new assembly concept in a pilot flow line. Upon moving into the new building, UNITY provided immediate support during the hyper-care phase. The objective was to establish and stabilize these new processes in this new environment. In the context of continuous improvements, the production concept and layout were continuously optimized and the successful ramp-up was ensured in the new factory.

What Mettler-Toledo says about our project

“UNITY supported us from the beginning, starting with the very first idea, then the implementation, and finally the start up a fully functional plant at our new location in Tampa, Florida. The team collaboration was excellent. UNITY works in a structured, professional and very integrative way. Their proposals for new technologies, production systems and organizational development were extremely valuable for our future production system.“

Simon Kirk, Head of Product Inspection Division, METTLER TOLEDO

Benefits of our project for Mettler-Toledo


New 220,000-sq-ft Production Facility


Optimized Production Time by over 40%


Optimized Lead Time by over 40%

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