Innovation Scrum for Smart Ground-Support-Equipment

Lufthansa Technik

Implementation Project GSE 4.0

  • Innovation Scrum for Smart Ground-Support-Equipment
  • Agile steering of the implementation phase of a planning and tracking tool based on the agile Scrum methodology
  • Implementation of an individual stakeholder management to ensure the success of the project
  • Define a cross-departmental To-Be-process and interfaces
  • Active support regarding successful project implementation at shop floor level
  • Identification and elaboration of further use cases
  • Perform a cost-benefit calculation for the next phase of the implementation project dealing with sensor integration

„We are started with the approach to learn iteratively. The industrie 4.0 expertise of the UNITY consultants has helped us to master the strategic and daily challenges of an implementation phase. UNITYs understanding of the role as a Servant Leader was crucial for our success.”

Gerrit Rexhausen, Programme Manager Industrie 4.0, Lufthansa Technik

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