Securing of planned spatial resources

Klinikum Region Hannover

Verification of operational and organisational concept by means of simulation

Initial Situation and Project Objectives

The Klinikum Region Hannover (KRH) is constructing a new hospital building that will replace the buildings at two existing locations (Klinikum Siloah and Klinikum Oststadt-Heidehaus). The new hospital, situated in the center of Hannover, the state capital, is scheduled to open in mid-2014. The plans call for the construction and organizational planning of both a reception- and examination center and a patient transfer zone, two areas for which the operators have no prior experience. Such a center or zone has never been implemented in their planned form and with their planned functionality in any of KRH’s current hospitals, and they both call for the introduction of completely new structures and processes. The goal of the project was to simulate the processes planned for the two areas, thereby enabling KRH to evaluate its operating organization with respect to the new processes and other changes (number of patients, number of employees, failures of specific functions, etc.). The requirements for resources and space needed to be confirmed digitally.

"We checked our plans using the simulation. It was good to have our gut feelings confirmed by the results it produced and to be able to prepare for unexpected complications right from the start. Working with UNITY we succeeded in doing all this. We worked very well together throughout the project and we are extremely pleased with the results."

Dr. Hermann Stockhorst, MBA,
Leader Hospital Extension Project, Klinikum Region Hannover

Tasks of UNITY

UNITY was tasked by KRH with creating a simulation and using it to check the operational and organizational aspects of the current plans for both the reception- and examination center and the central A&E unit. The specific tasks were:

  • Creation of a target-state outline that summarized and refined the broader operational and organizational plans
  • Definition of the planning targets and target dates for the future hospital
  • Specification and evaluation of the simulation model to confirm digitally the resources and processes required for achieving the goal of short routes for patients and staff
  • Validation and evaluation of the operational and organizational plans linked to the construction of a reception- and examination center and central A&E unit

Benefits of the Client

By the end of the project the Klinikum Region Hannover had received confirmation of the space required for treating the target number of patients. Furthermore, the optimizing of patient scheduling made possible by the project will see opening times retained while the efficiency of the new areas is increased. Simulating the processes in detail made it possible to shape operations optimally and to calculate ideal staffing numbers. The new hospital, with its 535 beds, will offer patients the most advanced medical care in a friendly environment while at the same time providing its staff with excellent conditions in which to work.

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