Optimization of the intra-hospital patient transfers

Klinikum Braunschweig

Smart intra-hospital patient transfers by digitalizing processes

Patient logistics directly correlates to the most significant processes in a hospital and, therefore, has a direct influence on patient care and a hospital’s economic feasibility. Klinikum Braunschweig relied upon UNITY’s expertise to optimize its intra-hospital patient transfers. A transfer order is initiated, created and linked to the scheduling system at the receiving location. First the entire complex scheduling process of the hospital was analyzed and improvement potentials were identified. The organization’s complexity is due to the interfaces of approximately 40 departments, four IT systems and various other stakeholders. The future processes of patient transfers were developed based on modern technologies and implemented through the involvement of software suppliers. The transparent approach, the interdisciplinary project team and the opportunity to incorporate own ideas ensured the necessary acceptance in the change process. The digitally supported process for scheduling appointments, that is in many ways automated, provides the hospital with control based on key figures which represents the foundation of digital patient management.

Smart intra-hospital patient transfers by digitalizing processes


Reduced staffing costs by ca. 15 % per transfer


Improved punctuality by 20 %


Significantly reduced patient waiting times

What our customer says about the project

“By optimizing our intra-hospital patient transfers and digitalizing the processes that are thus required, we have made a significant step towards achieving more efficiency. This project was particularly successful due to the excellent project management provided by UNITY consultants. They managed all of the stakeholders, recognized issues early on, and always took a solutions-oriented approach.”

Dr. med. Andreas Goepfert, Managing Director, Klinikum Braunschweig

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