The Future of Mobility 2030: Vision and Idea Development for the Energy Sector

Mobility is a key element of strategies in the energy sector. Infrastructure, traffic systems and mobility behavior are characterized by dynamic changes due to digitalization. New technologies, constant changes in customer preferences and the rapid development towards autonomous driving all pose new challenges for the energy sector, but they also offer opportunities.

In order to take an leading market position in this environment, innogy SE has developed roadmaps with specific ideas for different domains together with UNITY. The foundation for this was a cross-departmental map of the mobility of the future.

In the project, relevant future trends were identified, and structured while specific customer journeys from the mobility environment were described. In order to obtain a holistic view of mobility in 2030, the project team described relevant mobility structures, business models and their key players. This allowed for both a zoom-out effect so that the entire vision of the future could be easily communicated, as well as a zoom-in effect for generating specific ideas.

The vision of the future was supplemented to include opportunities, risks and success factors within the various areas of future mobility. In the first step of operationalization, strategic areas of recommendation were derived such as possible market activities and competence development. A specific vision and the corresponding idea roadmap made the implementation of the strategic action areas more tangible and comprehensible. Finally, the action areas were linked together with the roadmaps in terms of navigating the future.

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