Real-time monitoring of production and machine status


Development of intelligent data-based Services

As a multiple winner of the iba award for innovative hardware developments in bakery engineering and technology, FRITSCH has earned a position as an innovation leader in the industry. In the future, the topic of digitalization will also be increasingly prevalent in the production systems offered by FRITSCH. Therefore, their customers will be provided with more advantages, such as system availablity, product quality and user support.

FRITSCH was supported by a project team from the UNITY Innovation Alliance  in the development of an intelligent service portfolio. While UNITY was more invoved in defining the service portfolio, determining the service strategy and customer testing, Smart Mechatronics applied their expertise in equipping the system with the required sensors. NEXT Data Service was brought into the project at an early stage in order to detail the services, analyze the data and finally, to develop two MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) in a portfolio that was introduced at the industry trade fair, iba 2018. The success of this project was ensured by the close and integrative cooperation of the UNITY Innovation Alliance with their customer and the comprehensive competence that resulted from it – from strategy development and product understanding to implementation. Thus, FRITSCH won the iba award once again this year – however, not for a hardware-based solution, but for the first time, for software-based digital services.

“Digitalization is also opening up possibilities in the baking industry to develop new services that will provide tangible added-value to the producers of baked goods. In time for the iba 2018, a leading industry trade fair, we implemented our first two intelligent services using an agile development process, together with the UNITY Innovation Alliance. The capability that is now possible for the real-time monitoring of production and machine status was extremely well received by our customers.” 

Anna-Maria Fritsch, Head of Marketing, Fritsch Group

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