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Developing and Implementing a Logistics Strategy

Initial Situation and Project Goals

In 2013, the production and assembly programme of a truck manufacturer was expanded with two new engine series. Integrating these series led to a significant increase in quantities and variants in production and assembly, creating logistical challenges which could not be represented within the existing logistics system. The aim of the UNITY project was to develop and implement a holistic logistics strategy across all parts of the plant in order to effectively tackle new challenges for the long term and thus ensure the supply of materials.

Tasks of UNITY

Working together with the automobile manufacturer, UNITY developed an economic, holistic, cross-plant logistics strategy which was to be implemented jointly. UNITY’s specific tasks included:

  • Simulating and analysing internal logistics processes
  • Calculating future capacity needs
  • Developing ideal logistics solutions and deriving a logistics strategy including target process, CAD layout, utility analysis and economic efficiency calculation
  • Implementation planning of the logistics strategy

Benefits for the Client

By implementing the logistics strategy, the company ensures long-term security of supply for the plant with a significant increase in production volumes. In addition, the use of economical automation technology, lean logistics concepts and external service providers has enabled logistics costs to be reduced by around 15%. Early involvement of process owners and experts and the use of selected proven methods has resulted in greater acceptance of the logistics strategy as far as top management and enabled efficient implementation.

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