Workshops and Interviews for an initial appraisal and analysis of the production processes

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH

Production Optimizing

Tasks of UNITY

  • Process oriented documentation of the identified potentials
  • Deduction of essential immediate actions
  • Definition of optimization projects
  • Introduction of KPI
  • Employee coaching and Shop floor Management for the methodical support of the project implementation
  • Increase of the production rate by 18%
  • Reduction of the hourly rate in the production by 15%
  • Stabilization of the production rate
  • Reduction of the manufacturing costs
  • Established Lean Management methods
  • Optimized shift model

Benefits of the Client

  • Increase in production quantities by 16%
  • Reduction of the manufacturing hourly rate by 15%
  • Stabilized rate of production
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Implementation of lean management methods
  • Optimized shift schedule

“With the support of UNITY we could design the production process more effective and transparent as well as we could increase and stabilize our daily output quantity. Together, we could increase the production rate by 18% without further invest.“

Dirk Gebser, Senior Vice President, EADS EFW Composite Structures & Interior 


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