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Dürkopp Adler

Product Development, Market Approach, Org. Development M-TYPE DELTA

With the development of the M-TYPE DELTA, Dürkopp Adler has set a goal for itself to develop “Industrie 4.0 solutions in sewing technology” and to establish its position as an innovation leader in digitalized manufacturing in the textile industry. In order to achieve such an innovation leap, UNITY supported this project from the very beginning with its expertise: Structured development following the principles of agile systems engineering served to systematically definethe product, conduct holistic development in terms of the market, product and process; and to ensure an optimal market entry.

By utilizing this approach, UNITY led the project team – consisting of Dürkopp Adler employees and UNITY consultants – throughout the entire duration of the project. In addition to the core projects of product definition an machine development, UNITY also took responsibility for planning and supporting the market launch, planning the electrical assembly for the control technology, planning the machine assembly, developing Dürkopp Adler’s digitalization strategy and optimizing its service organization. As a part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance, CP Contech Electronic also provided support in developing and producing the control panel. 

This project has received several awards: for example, Dürkopp Adler received the Innovation Award Texprocess 2019 for the M-TYPE DELTA. In addition, UNITY took first place in the ‘Strategy’ category of the ”Best of Consulting“ award that was presented by WirtschaftsWoche.

What our customer says about the project

”UNITY has made a significant contribution to the development of the M-TYPE DELTA. We have also benefited from UNITYs comprehensive expertise in market approaches and the further development of our organization and assembly. We are very pleased with the great teamwork and outstanding results.“

Dietrich Eickhoff, Executive Spokesman, Dürkopp Adler Group

Benefits of our project for Dürkopp Adler


High-performance "Best in Class“ sewing technology in a future-proof platform concept


Optimal value for customers and the manufacturer


Excellent customer feedback after the product launch

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