Determination of the favorable production scenario with a productivity increase of more than 20%

DB Regio

Safeguarding the ET 423 mod operational application by means of material

  • Securing of the planned throughput time 
  • Comparison and simulative validation of different production scenarios (6/8/10 vehicles in 6 weeks each)
  • Creation of cycle models and vehicle supply plans for the individual production scenarios
  • Derivation of optimal shift models incl. occupation of the individual cycle states per qualification group 
  • Identification and elimination of migrating bottlenecks in the production process through dynamic observation
  • Limit value consideration with regard to plant availability and unforeseen maintenance volumes for the individual vehicles

"UNITY has used a material flow simulation to determine & quantify reliable target quantities & personnel requirements. As a result of the structured approach & elaboration of production scenarios, the process parameters were identified which will secure the required WST in the future."

Andreas Ophoven, Project lead Redesign ET 423, S-Bahn München, DB FZI Krefeld/Hagen/Nürnberg

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