Process optimization and expansion of production capacities

Bönning & Sommer

Consistent Digitalization of the Supply Chain for Mattress Production

Bönning & Sommer, a midsize company and mattress manufacturer, has recognized the signs of the times and, with the support of UNITY, has consistently used the opportunities offered by digitalization. The company decided to make both its business model and business processes digital: Bönning & Sommer assumed the strategy of only supplying online shops, and made a change from warehouse production to purely order-related production − and generated enormous growth with this move. In order to be able to maintain the short-term delivery promises of the online shops to their customers, UNITY introduced the open source ERP system ODOO together with a software service provider. The agile implementation in sprints proved to be very efficient and successful. 

The smooth ERP implementation that took place within four days prompted the managing directors, Martin and Tobias Sommer, to found the start-up company “Cube 48.” This offers midsize companies fast and efficient software solutions based on ODOO, the open source ERP system. 

The mattress manufacturer’s commitment to digitalization is also visible at first glance on site: Every workstation has a terminal and the entire company functions “paperless.” Growth was also secured by investing in the expansion of the building. UNITY handled the digital factory planning and optimized order processing. This ensured a massive increase in sales.

What Bönning & Sommer says about our project

"UNITY has made a significant contribution to our Digital Transformation. Although I was originally very skeptical as to whether UNITY could provide value-creating advice to a small company, I am now very convinced of their consultants’ in-depth expertise and impulses. Together, we have optimized our processes, expanded our capacities and fully exploited the potentials of digitalization.“

Tobias Sommer, Managing Director, Bönning & Sommer GmbH & Co. KG 


Benefits of our project for Bönning & Sommer

Expanded Customer Access through Sales on Digital Platforms


Quadrupled Revenue Growth


Adapted Processes to new Business Model

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