Analysis and Recommendations for the Blockchain Use Case “EVE”

BMW Group

Analysis of a blockchain use case‘s challenges and derivation of recommendations for action

  • Description of the existing blockchain use case “Enhanced Proof of Validation with ENVITED (EVE)” as well as identification of challenges and risks in association with its implementation in a joint Workshop
  • Detailing and analysis of identified challenges in combination with research on current developments, positions etc.
  • Derivation of solution approaches and recommendations for further action on the basis of analysis results
  • Creation and presentation of a presentation on workshop and research results

What our customer says about the project

„Based upon a profound blockchain know-how, UNITY supported us with a very thorough and well-structured analysis concerning the challenges associated with our use case. The derived recommendations are the foundation for our further approach in implementing the use case!”

Carlo van Driesten, Systems Architect Virtual Test & Validation, BMW Group

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