Defining IT/OT Roles as a Prerequisite for Digitalization in Production

A strategic goal for Bayer AG is to maximize its innovative strength. An important driver of innovation is the increasing digitalization in production. New technologies and the automation of processes are significant enablers of Industrie 4.0. In addition to technical and process transformation, it is also essential to consider framework conditions related to the organization. Bayer realized this and set a goal to achieve IT/OT alignment in the organization. Together with UNITY, cross-functional, central and local IT/OT roles and responsibilities were defined and validated internationally at selected pilot locations. Based on each location’s current situation, individual measures were defined to successfully implement these roles. The lean, efficient and methodological approach has established itself as a global standard for the cross-divisional harmonization of IT and OT roles at Bayer. A major success factor here was the early involvement of stakeholders and in turn, the related acceptance of the approach throughout the entire company. A governance body was created in order to ensure the company-wide management of organizational and technological aspects. In the future, this should provide the necessary transparency for all of the production-related digitalization projects that are cross-divisional and cross-functional.

What our customer says about the project

”An important prerequisite for digital transformation in production is the synergy between IT and OT. UNITY’s expertise and strength in implementation helped us to successfully refine IT/OT roles and responsibilities. Therefore, we have taken an important step towards closer and more efficient cooperation between IT and OT.”

Johannes Schubmehl, Head of IT Functional Leadership, Bayer AG

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