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Optimal IT Costs through IT Governance

Initial Situation and Project Goals

UNITY has been providing support to Axpo Group since 2004 with the development and implementation of a structured system for internal IT standards and IT security. Within Axpo Group several companies cooperate and communicate with one another. To an extent, these companies run different IT solutions. With the development of its IT standards system, Axpo worked with UNITY on the one hand to define the conceptual framework, namely the necessary structures, roles and processes, and on the other hand to develop the concrete IT standards, valid group-wide, which, after being approved by the senior management, could be put into place. A decentralized approach was taken to Axpo’s IT standards system, with the IT measures mainly being implemented at the level of the group companies NOK, CKW, and EGL or their assigned business areas.

"Thanks to the support of UNITY we now have an integrated IT management system in the area of standards and security. We are sure that we now are optimally equipped for the future.”

Dr. Rolf Bösch, CFO Axpo Holding AG

This meant that the IT standards had to possess a high degree of flexibility across the enterprise. A groupwide harmonization of IT standards is of crucial importance if cooperation between the companies is to be made simpler and easier. Examples of such standards are those that enable technology-driven communication.

In the area of IT security, UNITY supported Axpo Group in developing its security policy, security strategy, and security management system. Here too, the IT measures were rolled out in a decentralized way, serving as a point of departure for the drawing up of directives and standards. These established the framework for the regulation of the individual companies and their business areas. Furthermore, during this project the necessary steps were mapped out and taken to establish the relevant organizational structure, including, for example, the specialist committee of the IT security manager, which looks at the group-wide coordination and management of IT security activities.

With the development of these IT standards and of the IT security organization, UNITY helped put essential elements of IT governance into place at Axpo Group. At the same time, it helped create a solid basis for an integrated and harmonized further development of the company’s IT systems that would cohere with the structures and processes already in place across it.

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