Program and Project Management

Effective and solution-oriented Project Implementation

Enterprises implement their strategies by means of successful programs and projects. They often face the challenge of being able to develop concrete projects over a number of years based on a strategic vision, and successfully implementing such projects in the spirit of the strategy. An essential factor involved in the successful achievement of project goals, and thus for successful strategy implementation, is efficient project management. This is particularly necessary when businesses are subject to the increased complexity of multiple projects running simultaneously with limited resources in a dynamic market environment. By now, due to the digitalization in a wide range of areas, agile methods have been established as well.

Our Consulting Services Program and Project Management

Strategic Implementation Multi-Project Management

How can an enterprise successfully implement and make their strategy workable? The answer is as follows: By means of successful project and multi-project management competence!

Program Initiation, Planning and Management

Complex, large-scale projects and programs are increasingly becoming part of the everyday business of many enterprises. The complexity of such projects poses challenges for even experienced project managers.

Project Management Office and Project Office

Successful enterprises professionalize their project management competence by establishing project management teams and staff units of different formats. Project Management Offices (PMO) function as competence centers and project manager pools. Agile evironments require experienced Scrum Masters.

Project Management Coaching and Audit

All sorts of day-to-day business to deal with, a whole range of very diverse projects, employee turnover – in practice it is not at all easy to keep track of a project’s progress. Although you might implement projects systematically in your enterprise, there is always a point at which it is worthwhile to undertake a stock-taking.

Change Management

The speed and necessity of changes in a company, be they organizational, procedural or technological, have increased significantly. To ensure that changes are implemented in a targeted manner and remain successful in the long term, structured monitoring of change processes is more important than ever. UNITY focuses on people with their different situations, fears and needs. We identify the need for change, develop a change strategy, control its implementation and secure a sustainable anchoring.

Project Management and Interim Management

You are planning an ambitious project but don´t have a suitable project manager? Are you currently in need of the right manager for a (new) branch of your enterprise? In many enterprises employees are primarily technical experts and have little experience in the management of complex Projects.



How do I proceed systematically within my projects, what are the essential aspects that have to be considered and what are the available project management methods?

Digital Transformation and Industrie 4.0

UNITY is your Partner in the Transformation Process. Learn more about our Service Digital Transformation.

Agile Program and Project Management

Agile Program Control

How do I control agile programs? How do I enable successful agile multi-project management?

Adoption of Agile Roles

We need a Scrum Master!

Agile Ramp-Up and Agile Workshops

What does our agile collaboration look like and how do we implement it?

Project Assessment (Audit)

How agile are we and how do we get better?

Basic Training

What is agile?

Project References Program and Project Management

Insights Program and Project Management

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