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Lean and Accepted Processes for Your Transformation

Business processes characterize the way a company works and they affect many different business areas. Ultimately they lead to that which really matters – satisfied customers and profit. We develop lean and efficient processes with our customers while focusing on the evaluation and realization of savings potentials as well as employee acceptance. UNITY offers support in the areas of process improvement, concepts and business implementation. We help our customers through process optimization and show them how to use existing potentials and synergies more efficiently. Our comprehensive approach is systematic and includes the effective assistance of these processes beginning with involving employees to formulate a concept to the actual process. We take all of your company’s existing processes into consideration. 

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Analysis of Potential

The existing processes are documented with employees and managers and then analyzed. Potentials for optimization are identified using best practice comparisons and employee know-how, and they are structured through proven methods.

Development of End-to-End Processes

Identified potentials are achieved through process change. This end-to-end perspective of inter-departmental process chains helps break down isolationist ways of thinking of individual departments. Your employees will be actively involved in the development process.

Set up Program and Transformation

Based on the defined objectives of the project, action areas are defined, scheduled and set up as individual projects. We provide support for subprojects as technical experts or as experienced project managers to achieve project goals.

Organizational Changes

Organizational changes are often associated with considerable resistance and concerns. In order to minimize this resistance, we take the aspects of change management into consideration from the initial phases of the project to process rollout.

We also support the introduction of governance structures in the digital transformation process.


Our trainers are UNITY consultants and through their projects, they have a deep understanding of the challenges of process coordination. We provide you with support in developing your own expertise in the area of process optimization.

IT Solutions

When introducing new business software other complex applications, the goal is not to simply replace old solutions with new ones. The main focus is to increase the efficiency of business processes through optimized IT support. Typically, we deal with projects that affect the core systems of a company.

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OMEGA: Our Methods for Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is the foundation of all business process restructuring projects and the start of improvement measures for process management. UNITY uses the OMEGA method (Object-oriented method for business process modeling and analysis). This allows complex business processes to be recorded and analyzed.

OMEGA Process Modeller®

The OMEGA Process Modeller® is a graphic tool that is used to create and modify business process models. Based on OMEGA methods, it is utilized to visualize business process models simply and concisely. Furthermore, it is also suitable for analyzing and planning processes clearly. As it is based on software components of Microsoft®Visio und Semtalk*, the OMEGA Process Modeller® is intuitive to use. Therefore, process diagrams become “intelligent.” They are easier to reuse, and are maintained and evaluated through the use of reports. Models created in the OMEGA Process Modeller® can also be processed in other applications and systems.

OMEGA Process Cards©

OMEGA Process Cards©

Process management with OMEGA offers an integrated solution for process recording, modelling, analysis and improvement. If you are interested, please ask for our moderation sets.

Trainings UNITYacademy

Trainings UNITYacademy

We prepare your employees quickly and effectively for their projects based on a high level of hands-on experience. We adapt the trainings to company and project-specific requirements.

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