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The path from traditional structures to digitally innovative forms of organization is a long process for all types of companies. But the factor of time plays a central role, especially in digitalization because technological progress is advancing exponentially. In light of this conflict, a solution is required that overcomes the barriers of traditional structures right from the start of digital transformation and thus enables companies to keep up with the fast-paced progress.

One such solution has proven to be the establishment of a Digital Campus, also known as a Digital Lab. Detached from ingrained patterns of thought and traditional hierarchies, it makes a significant value contribution to digital transformation. Here, among others, digital innovations are developed using new approaches and data-driven methods, internal processes are digitalized and the necessary competencies are built up. The Digital Campus overcomes the barriers of a line organization and thus enables digital plans to be implemented in projects quickly. It also triggers a change in cultural values within the company and spreads the digital mindset gradually. This way, it bridges the gap between the high priority of digitalization and the slow implementation of traditional forms of organization.

The issue of this OPPORTUNITY first describes the process of change - from the prevailing values of the past decades to a digital mindset. It then explains the Digital Campus with its possible directions, organizational models and services.

The three possible focus areas for a Digital Campus

Contents of this Opportunity

  • Change of values towards the Digital Mindset
  • The focus of a Digital Campus
  • Organizational models
  • Thematic and geographical scaling
  • Services of the Digital Campus
  • Side Note: Digital Academy

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