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Implementing individual digitalization measures reactively or focusing on a new technology is not sufficient to ensure successful digital transformation. Targeted digitalization must be carried out both internally (organization, employees, skills etc.) and externally (products, services, communication channels etc.).

The Digital Agenda represents the overall structure with which an organization plans and manages its digital trans-formation process in order to optimize business and promote sustainable growth. Digital transformation includes both incremental and disruptive changes to the company and its business models. A four-step approach is recommended in order to be able to proceed in a structured manner despite the high level of complexity, and to not lose the holistic view of the company. The result of this process is a Digital Agenda that is tailored to the company and its needs in order to implement its individual Digital Transformation.

The Four Steps to Digital Transformation

Read in the OPPORTUNITY “Digital Agenda” what is actually behind the four steps of the Digital Transformation and learn more about the Digital Agenda's process model!

Contents of this OPPORTUNITY

  • Success Factors for Digital Transformation
  • The Process Model for a Digital Agenda
    • Maturity Level
    • Target Vision
    • Roadmap
    • Implementation
  • Examples of Projects

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