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Operational Excellence

Control your company processes

Operational excellence provides a competitive advantage in highly dynamic and complex markets: Because not only the product offering, but also the provision and execution of services are decisive for the company's success.  Align your organization as well as HR and IT infrastructure resources with us! This way, you will not only solve today's tasks, but also be prepared for all future challenges.


Each company is only as good as its organizational structure and culture. Together with you, we define the most successful organizational and management structure for your company. We develop individual target systems and derive the necessary change measures to utilize the full potential of your business.


  • Established management structures
  • Unclear responsibilities
  • Nontransparent processes
  • Inefficient provision and processing of services


  • From organizational structure to process organization
  • Lean organization, efficient management
  • Culture as a competitive advantage


Aligning all business processes to the needs of customers consistently and efficiently is at the center of entrepreneurial success. With cross-industry and industry-specific expertise, we analyze your processes, identify potential for improvement and implement it sustainably. We support you from process optimization to fundamental business process redesign.


  • Increasing market dynamics
  • More complex customer requirements
  • Increased competitive pressure
  • Globally networked development, production and supply chains


  • Transparent and lean processes
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Efficient provision and processing of services


Reduce costs – but how? Short product life cycles and an increasing number of variants make it difficult to provide services cost-effectively, especially in high-wage countries. Together with you, our experts identify your individual cost drivers and define corresponding action areas with concrete measures for short-term and sustainable cost reduction.


  • Decreasing willingness of customers to pay
  • Increasing price pressure from competitors at home and abroad
  • Rising costs for materials & personnel
  • Uncertain market situations demand efficient cost structures
  • Required flexibility leads to increased costs


  • Maintain transparency in your own cost structures
  • Sustainable reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Ensure competitiveness and stay ahead of the game
  • Free up financial resources for relevant topics
  • Do not accept losses in the relevant KPIs

Efficient Use of Data

Data is the resource of the 21st century – but how can it be used efficiently in your company? With UNITY, identify how you can improve your operational business based on data. Together, we evaluate how you can use your data efficiently, define necessary organizational, IT infrastructure and personnel measures, and support you during the implementation.


  • Potential for data-based improvement is not exploited
  • Identify quantifiable benefits
  • Expertise is not available in the company


  • Harness data as a resource
  • Real-time transparency in operational business
  • Sustainable data-based optimization of business processes


"I firmly believe that lean management is the foundation for good business development in a dynamic market environment like China. The UNITY team has empowered our lean agents and management team to identify potential areas of improvement. Together, we developed an implementation plan for a consistent lean rollout. We are very pleased that all the measures that have been introduced now are being successfully implemented by our Lean Agents." – Markus Clement, Managing Director, EMAG Taicang

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