Increase the efficiency of your value chain with Lean Management!

Lean and efficient processes are a prerequisite for Industrie 4.0!

Lean Management

Avoid Waste – Increase Value

Consistently focusing a business on customer requirements is a guarantee of success for every company – and the ability to react continuously to new requirements ensures future success as well. In addition to methodical know-how, this requires a corporate culture that calls for and promotes change.

Design your Lean Management System with us: Together, we identify your value drivers, maximize your added value and implement a sustainable change culture.


Each production system has its very own character, which can be described by product variants, repetition frequencies and processing times. Together with you, we identify the essential characteristics and success factors of your production system and develop individual solutions using the methods of lean management in order to achieve maximum efficiency.


  • High inventories
  • Lack of stringent material flow
  • Push instead of pull principle


  • Low commitment of capital due to low inventories
  • Utilization through leveled production
  • Transparency regarding bottlenecks in the production system


Do you think that your processes are overloaded or inefficient? Together, we create transparency regarding the flow of materials and information in your company in order to eliminate waste, i.e. activities that do not add value. Focusing on those process steps that generate customer value improves the cost structure and increases your profitability sustainably.


  • Sub-optimal processes, due to uncontested production processes
  • High throughput times
  • High process times
  • Poor delivery schedule adherence


  • Transparency by breaking down process duration and time-consuming steps
  • Cost reduction through minimization of waste


The only constant is change. Only those who know how to improve and adapt will achieve long term success. Secure your company's success with us by promoting a focused culture of change. We support you in the development of a CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) strategy and our managers and employees so they can actively practice a change culture across all levels.


  • Low productivity in the manufacturing plant
  • Managers are perceived more as managers than as supporters (Strong hierarchies)


  • Continuous increase in process performance/ efficiency
  • Increased capability to innovate through employee involvement
  • Increased employee satisfaction


What comes after Lean? Digitalization also allows mature lean management systems to achieve further efficiency gains.  Identify your potentials in digital lean management with us and increase transparency and responsiveness in your company. We support you in all areas from the analysis to conceptual design and implementation to bring your lean management into the digital world.


  • Manual processes
  • Rigid resource planning
  • Lack of shop floor transparency


  • Cost reduction through optimized personnel deployment
  • Speed of response through automated processes


"I firmly believe that lean management is the foundation for good business development in a dynamic market environment such as China. The UNITY team has enabled our lean agents and our management team to identify potentials for improvement. Together, we developed an implementation plan for the consistent introduction of lean. We are very pleased that all of the initiated measures have now been successfully implemented by our Lean Agents." - Markus Clement, Managing Director, EMAG Taicang


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