Lean Administration

Innovation, Efficiency and Flexibility through Lean Administration

UNITY helps its customers by increasing performance in administrative and support departments, and optimizing cost structures. Together, we orient your organization towards strategic goals and customer expectations sustainably. In order to do so, we develop custom solutions and involve managers and employees in the organizational changes. 

Our Consulting Services Lean Administration

Process and Value Stream Analysis

In the context of process analysis, we visualize processes in order to obtain transparency of the current situation regarding process capabilities. We identify waste and determine potentials for improvement through value stream analysis.

Transformation Analysis and Design

We support you on the path to operative excellence in your administrative processes beginning with an analysis of your current situation to process design as well as implement optimized processes together with you.

Process Standardization, Automation and Digitalization

Together, we standardize your administrative processes. We identify, evaluate and implement potentials that result from opportunities for automation/digitalization.

Shared Services

We provide you with support in developing internal shared services that centrally prepare services for requesting business units. Significant cost savings of 25-30% can be achieved in finance, HR, procurement and IT.

Business Process Outsourcing

Based upon experience, processes that are not a part of your core business generate a high proportion of overhead costs. We identify your main processes and shift support processes so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Target Costing Optimization

Cut costs with Lean Administration.

Team Excellence System

Good teamwork, good performance.

Management and Employee Coaching


Agil Organizational Development

How do I manage an agile organization?

Qualification of Organization

Your managers and employees are the number 1 factor for the successful implementation of Lean. We help your organization through the change process and coach managers at all levels of the hierarchy to prepare them optimally for their changing roles.

Your Benefit

By implementing lean management in administrative areas, the following objectives can be achieved for our customers:  

  • Reduced complexity and waste in day-to-day business
  • Improved performance through increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Optimized customer satisfaction by focusing on customer needs and increased quality
  • Employee involvement in the continuous development of the company
  • Structured development of competences
  • Operational Excellence

Project References Lean Administration

Insights Lean Administration

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