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Implementation and optimization ERP, MES, APS, LVS, IOT

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The implementation of new corporate software or any other complex application implies far more than just the replacement of old solutions with new ones. The most important goal is to increase the efficiency of business processes through optimized IT support. Typically, that means projects that have an impact on the nerve center of a company. 

Consulting Services for Implementation and Optimization ERP, PPS, MES, APS, LVS, IOT Technology

Analysis of potential and requirements

As part of our analysis of the current state, UNITY’s consultants ensure transparency regarding the business processes and unveil and assess any capabilities hidden in these processes. The identified potential and UNITY’s industry expertise are then used to develop optimized target business processes, which form the basis for the subsequent creation of system-independent requirements specifications. Here you benefit from our experience in process management.

System benchmark and selection

Based on the customer-specific system requirements defined in the specifications, we find the right IT solution to match your needs in a multistage process. Here UNITY assists you in all stages, from the initial provider research to drafting an IT contract that fulfills your requirements, to negotiations with the system provider.

System rollout

This phase mainly serves to systematically and logically complete all the tasks agreed in the specifications and the IT contract. Structured project management is applied to ensure that deadlines, costs and quality stay within the limits agreed. Change management prepares affected employees for the planned changes at an early stage.


In order to ensure the company-wide implementation of an IT system, a rollout strategy must be chosen. Since the type and scope of implementation – whether e.g. "big bang" or "step by step" – may be mission-critical, UNITY assists you in its design, taking into account the chances and risks involved. We carry out acceptance testing to help ensure the fulfillment of the specifications. In addition, UNITY supports you in establishing new or modified business processes during the rollout, and verifies their compliance in day-to-day operations after a phase of real-time operation.

Project References Implementation and Optimization ERP, PPS, MES, APS, LVS, IoT

The three Disciplines of IT Implementation

We like to use the image of the subway network to explain the complex nature of an IT implementation project. There are three disciplines that should “arrive” at the “destination” together a harmonized and timed manner: Business process management, Change management and IT project management.

Insights Implementation and Optimization ERP, MES, APS, LVS, IoT

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