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Factory Planning

Digital | Integrative | Process-oriented

Together with you, we design the ideal factory of tomorrow - from the initial idea to successful commissioning. With our future-oriented approach to factory planning, we focus on efficient processes, high productivity and sustainable corporate success. We already use the existing degrees of freedom in the early phase of factory planning and design plans using state-of-the-art methods of lean management and smart production. Through process-oriented planning from the inside to the outside and the early integration of all specialist trades, your factory will be functionally built. With our digital planning tools for factory planning such as planning in 3D and BIM, dynamic material flow simulation and augmented reality, we minimize planning errors and design the planning process efficiently and clearly for all participants. This saves costs and time.

UNITY as a long-standing partner in factory planning

As a long-standing partner, we offer you a comprehensive and process-oriented approach to factory planning for new construction, remodeling or expansion planning for your factory.  From optimizing a work cell to synchronizing a production line to planning a complete factory, we offer you the optimum solution for every requirement. We work hand in hand with architects, general planners, technology suppliers, authorities and many others and integrate them into the factory planning processes with the help of our project management methods. This is how we achieve the optimum result together as a team.

Factory Planning - Your Path to the Smart Factory of the Future

In addition, UNITY supports you in planning your Smart Factory of the future. Together with you, we will develop a road map with which you can make targeted investments in the right technologies in order to position your company correctly for the future. Further information can be found in the Smart Factory.

Profit from UNITY's factory planning experience

In many projects, we have planned a new factory or optimized an existing factory. Our experience in factory planning results in high planning quality and reduces project duration, project costs and changes in the implementation phase.

Our Competences – Your Profit

We realize optimal facilities – from the idea to the start of operations

Planning Competence

We have worked in all areas of planning holistically, integrative and process-oriented for more than 15 years.

Digital Planning

We plan and ensure all projects digitally using simulation, virtual reality and BIM.

Agile Management

We ensure agile project procedures to meet time, cost and quality demands, and we integrate all areas of planning.

High Degree of Innovation

UNITY is a pioneer in digitalization and Industrie 4.0. Plan your leap into the future of innovation successfully with us.

High Level of Profitability

Before implementation occurs, we verify the profitability and ensure it with a target system throughout the course of the project.

High Level of Acceptance

We bring all those involved into an interdisciplinary dialogue of communication from skilled workers to decision makers.

Unsere Beratungsleistungen Fabrikplanung

Project Management and Ramp-up Management

UNITY provides project management support and together we realize efficient project execution: from project definition and planning, project controlling (time, costs and quality), the integration of contracting companies, to project communication and documentation as well as change management. We take over supplier, interface and defect management, making it possible for you to ensure the optimal fulfillment of production requirements and reduce any change or supplementary costs.

Process Planning

Ideal processes are the foundation for successful factory planning. Before we start working on surfaces and technologies, we work with you to develop processes that enable low manufacturing costs and short throughput times.

Technology Planning

Modern technologies can be an effective instrument for sustainably reducing manufacturing costs. Together, we identify technology potentials for automation and digitalization, evaluate them and implement them for successful commissioning.

IT Planning

Without modern IT, efficient production has become unthinkable. From the introduction of a PDA system to the implementation of complete IT architecture, we support you in digitalizing your production.


Production System Design

Whether it is for building site production, flexible-cell manufacturing or flow assembly: We design the ideal production system for you according to your requirements and derive processes, product, layout, technologies, your organizational structure and IT.

Layout Planning

The layout displays all planning results. We design your future factory layout with you from the first concepts to the final facilities layout with all of the details in 2D, 3D or according to the BIM method. We create building concepts, derive requirements for building planning and work hand in hand with architects and general planners.

Production planning and control

Good planning and control is a prerequisite for short throughput times and high productivity. Within the framework of factory planning, we develop processes and methods with you in order to control your orders in the best possible way through your production system. We can also support you with the implementation of appropriate PPC systems.

Organizational Planning

Processes can be implemented ideally with the right organizational set up. Together with you, we plan the structural and process organization and develop an ideal model for you which ensures optimized resource utilization.

Smart Factory

We design smart factories together with you, thereby conceiving custom Industrie 4.0 concepts and we distinguish ourselves through our pragmatic implementation methods.

User Requirements Program

We support you in developing the user requirements program (URP). The URP is the result of the requirements developed by the future user with regard to use, function, area and space requirements, design and equipment, budget, building usage costs and timeframe. Together with us, you can ensure that the requirements for your business premises are correctly addressed.

Planning Validation

Have you have already conducted factory planning, but would like to check the quality of your planning? Together, we will go through your planning process from A to Z, check your planning results and give you valuable advice on where your planning can still be optimized.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Together with our customers, we realize optimal supply chains from strategic direction to daily operations. A holistic optimum can only be achieved through continuous improvements across the entire end-to-end process.

Methods and Tools for Factory Planning

Material Flow Simulation

Material flow simulation is a powerful tool for optimizing organizational, production and logistics systems as part of factory planning. We map manufacturing and logistics areas, real production programs, work schedules, operating resources and stochastic influences and thus the entire production system into one simulation model. At the same time, we evaluate its performance based on relevant key figures.

Planning in 3D and BIM

We plan your business premises in 3D and, if required, in BIM. We integrate processes, equipment, technology and buildings into one model. Among other things, the model enables us to eliminate errors at an early stage and conduct collision checks. We integrate all parties involved at the right time and ensure interfaces between the trades.

Virtuelle Realität

We create interactive VR models of your factory. By utilizing models, it is possible for us to optimize workplaces before implementation and to train personnel before commissioning of the production facility occurs. This reduces the need for changes and the duration of the start-up phase.

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