Create a system to consistently control digitalization.

Digital Governance

Steer Digitalization consistently and comprehensively!

In order to execute digital transformation, companies face many technological, organizational and procedural changes. These result in a multitude of digitalization initiatives that are often executed from individual "silos" within the organization, so that planning, budgeting and implementation are carried out separately by different business units or regions. 

However, to have a successful digital portfolio, it is essential to have an overall perspective of digital initiatives and their dependencies. Factors such as scalability, avoidance of redundancies and a clear focus on resources and EBIT must continuously be taken into account. Therefore, digitalization champions are establishing a digital governance function to promote centralized control of digitalization activities. This helps to focus resources, shorten project durations and ultimately increase the ROI of the project portfolio.

Digital Governance answers these core questions:

  • Which structures, processes and tools can be used to manage digitalization initiatives holistically within the organization?
  • How do I steer my digital portfolio towards more strategic contribution, ROI and internal and external scaling?

Digital governance as a steering body is accompanied by a future-proof „Target Operating Model“. 
Seamless integration into the structural and process organization is then guaranteed during the implementation of digital projects.  This way, digital solutions and use cases can be operated sustainably even after the project ends.

Our Digital Governance Consulting Services

1. Analyze

1. Analyze 

What is your current status in terms of digital governance with a focus on the organization, processes and tools? 



Your Benefits 

Potentials and ROI levers for a targeted digital transformation with a clear contribution to your strategy

How can you achieve this?

  • Implement a Sanity Check with a focus on committee structures, project portfolio management, roles & responsibilities, investment/budget processes etc.
  • Identify "White Spots"
  • Derive recommendations for action
  • Create an implementation roadmap
2. Design

2. Design

Which elements of the digital governance structure need to be developed and established? 



Your Benefits 

Faster decisions to steer transformation and KPI-based prioritization of initiatives

How can you achieve this?

  • Define digital governance elements using best practices and in accordance with the defined strategy
  • Adapt existing processes as well as organizational and committee structures
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities
3. Implement

3. Implement 

How can the implementation of governance be ensured in your company for the long term?



Your Benefits 

Automated processes, empowered employees and consistent digitalization activities across the organization

How can you achieve this?​

  • Establish a Digital Project Management Office
  • Map processes and structures in a project portfolio management tool
  • Obtain support during the process establishment and implementation
  • Validate the created structures and processes

Digital Governance

In order to ensure that digitalization is managed consistently and comprehensively, we recommend placing four areas of responsibility at the center of digital governance:

Digital Strategy
Operationalization and further development of the digital strategy as well as synchronization with corporate and IT strategy.

Digital Portfolio
Control of a company-wide project portfolio management process and its associated centralized digital budget.

Digital Enablement 
Integration and strategic management of Digital Labs and Digital Academies to generate and anchor digital initiatives within the company quickly and sustainably.

Digital Foundation
Secure the technological basis for digital transformation by orchestrating initiatives regarding enterprise architecture, cyber security and fundamental technologies.

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What Our Customers Say About Digital Governance with UNITY

"An important prerequisite for digital transformation in production is the interaction between IT and OT. With UNITY's expertise and implementation strength, we have succeeded in sharpening the IT/OT roles and responsibilities. We have thus reached an important milestone on the path towards closer and more efficient cooperation between IT and OT." 

Johannes Schubmehl, Head of IT Functional Leadership, Bayer AG

"Thanks to the outstanding support of the UNITY team, we have implemented an effective committee in the form of a "Digital Governance Body" to manage digital transformation across the Group. In addition, the Digital Solutions Lab provides freedom for disruptive ideas."

Dr. Karsten Malsch, Program Lead Digital, Covestro Deutschland AG

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