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Change Management

Structured Project Management in the Digital Age

In the age of digital transformation, topics such as Industrie 4.0, Work 4.0 and Agility have already entered many areas of our work and personal lives. The transparency that is still lacking in the significance of these topics leads to uncertainty. Therefore, change management is focused on people. People are the factor that can determine success or failure in a project. Goals can only be achieved if each individual person works effectively and quickly through the phases of change.  The management of change is an integral component of modern project management. It helps to increase a project’s chances of success holistically and ensure that it runs smoothly. UNITY places  people first by addressing their different situations, fears and needs. We identify the need for change, develop change strategies, manage the implementation and ensure lasting change sustainably.

Phases of Change

Our Consulting Services in Change Management

Workshops and Training Courses

Our consultants provide you with the necessary knowledge while UNITYacademy offers you the appropriate training.

Implementation of Change Management in Projects

Acquire change management expertise through practice! UNITY provides you with the right change manager for your projects.

Organizational Consulting

Culture creates lasting values! Together with you, UNITY develops a strategic mission statement and supports you in sustainable implementation.


Guide people to discover solutions on their own! UNITY provides you with experienced change managers for individual or team coaching.

Developing Vision and Strategy

Together with you, UNITY helps you to develop your vision for your change project and implements it with you.

Qualify Employees for Digital Transformation

In order to implement digitalization quickly, it is urgent for company employees to develop the competences necessary for the future and further develop existing ones. In our training courses, we certify participants to become Digital Transformation Experts and provide them with the skills they need to execute digital transformation. We take a holistic approach to teaching digital skills that includes further development of one’s personality as well as training in methodological and professional competence.

Project References in Change Management

Insights Change Management

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