Become climate neutral & enable new market potential!

A win-win-win situation for you, your customers & the environment.

Carbon Footprint

Together, we optimize your business model to achieve a sustainable future and reduce your carbon footprint.

Human-induced climate change, driven by CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, poses critical challenges for companies. At the same time climate-positive corporate management also opens up new opportunities. Customer needs are becoming more and more green and act as game changers that are challenging current products, services, processes and mindsets. For a company to reduce its carbon footprint, it is important to clearly position, empower and initiate change now. 

In doing so, the carbon footprint should be reduced. However, the business model and market approach must also be adapted to the new challenges in order to tap into new market potentials. Two groups of use cases are particularly important. On the one hand, we should pilot and anchor sustainable aspects of eco-innovation criteria in R&D. On the other hand, a value network should be intelligently connected, in order to achieve maximum resource efficiency and, ideally, zero environmental impact. However, the key to long-term change towards greater climate neutrality includes the targeted management of initiatives, as well as mindful, motivated and empowered employees. With an optimized business model, use cases for reducing CO2 emissions and long-term integration of change, your company’s resilience is increased and its carbon footprint is reduced.


Carbon Footprint & Our Approach to Sustainability


At their core, the initiatives contribute to the company's economic value.

  • Targeted reduction of CO2 emissions and therefore resources to reduce operating costs.
  • Exploitation of new market potentials through climate-neutral solutions for sustainable growth.
  • Increased resilience to environmental risks and thus avoidance of potential costs.


The initiatives are realized in a dynamic system with all relevant stakeholders.

  • Increasing customer/ shareholder demand & requirements for sustainability
  • Ensuring competitiveness in an increasingly green market environment.
  • Integration of the entire valuenetwork for minimal risk and maximum synergy effects.
  • Consideration of regulations, such as the CO2 tax or the German Lieferkettengesetz (Human Rights Initiative).


The initiatives increase the company's resilience and protect the environment.

  • Increased customer loyalty through corporate responsibility as a driver for a sustainable future.
  • Compliance with the nine planetary boundaries framework to ensure long-term economic and ecosystem success.

Our Consulting Services for Your Carbon Footprint Projects

Climate neutrality as an opportunity for your business model

We enable you to realize a win-win-win situation for you, your customers and the environment. In order to do this, we analyze strategic options and ideas to reduce your carbon footprint, and define how to utilize new market potentials by optimizing your business model.


ECO Agenda: How do you strategically use climate neutrality initiatives as an opportunity? Your vision and strategy to reduce your carbon footprint and identify new potentials.

ECO Accelerator: Which climate neutrality initiatives do you want to boost right now? Your opportunity to generate, develop and successfully implement ideas in the short term.

ECO Business Model: How do you need to change your market approach? Your concept for long-term change in your business model to become a climate neutral market leader.

Eco-Innovation in Product and Service Development

We take a holistic approach to product development and enable your R&D processes to develop eco-innovations with a structured and focused approach. This way, not only your products but your company itself stands for responsible innovation. This increases your market attractiveness while maximizing development efficiency.


ECO Product Boost: How can you achieve short-term preparation for your specific products or services for the future ? Your booster to sustainably align your product.

ECO Innovation Development: How do you develop an environmentally friendly product and and enable a successful market launch? Your comprehensive support for climate-neutral products from development to market launch.

ECO R&D Assessment: How is sustainability integrated in your R&D process? Your step-by-step approach for more responsibility in your R&D process.

Zero Impact Value Network

Through integrated factory and supply chain planning, we enable smart and connected products, as well as resources. Thereby, the use of resources is minimized and CO2 emissions are reduced within your entire ecosystem of production, logistics and other partners.

Clean Tech Consulting: Which Zero Impact technologies could you use? Technology scouting for state-of-the-art solutions to save resources in production and logistics.

Zero Impact Factory: How do you design a connected Zero Impact Factory? Your blueprint for a digital factory with sustainable and resource-saving use cases in production & logistics.

Zero Impact Value Chain: Which processes have the greatest potential for reduction? Your guideline for sustainable process change that minimizes your logistics costs and CO2 emissions by implementing our best practices.

Transformation to an ecologically sustainable company

We enable you to manage your initiatives and implement your operating model with the greatest cost-benefit effect.  At the same time, we take into consideration the empowerment of your employees and a sustainable communication strategy to realize the economic benefits as soon as possible.


ECO Portfolio Management: How do you manage the implementation? Your governance mechanisms for maximum benefit and minimum CO2 emissions.

ECO Operating Model: How do you enable your new operating model? Your implementation of a market approach with a climate neutral value proposition.

ECO Customer Experience: How do your customers experience your company’s sustainable value proposition? Your consistent communication strategy and user experience.

ECO Campus & Academy: How do you empower your employees? Your department for implementing solutions and training employees.

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