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Blockchain technologies or distributed ledger technologies have the potential to radically change processes and business models or even make them possible in the first place.

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The blockchain enables many participants to be connected in a digital network and their interactions and processes to be mapped in a way that cannot be manipulated. An essential difference to existing solutions is that each participant remains in control of his own data and no intermediary is required. Use cases are currently being developed, for example on the topics of supply chain management, digital business opportunities or MRO.

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Blockchain technology requires radically different ways of thinking in value networks. We support you in evaluating the potential of the blockchain for your business, identifying concrete use cases, designing them with you and implementing them.

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Are you completely unfamiliar with terms such as Blockchain, DLT and Smart Contract? In a one-day session, we can provide you and your employees with the know-how to understand the background of blockchain technology and the areas of application for your industry.

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Would you like to identify specific use cases of blockchain technologies for your company? In our Awareness Session we first pick up your team with technology insights. Building on this, we work out possible use cases with you and evaluate the benefits using our proven and tested 3+1 Rule.

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In your current business model, do you function as an intermediary? Then blockchain solutions are a potential threat to your existence! In the form of a "Threat Assessment," we analyze your business model with you, your market environment as well as potential threats from blockchain solutions and develop approaches how you can counter these.

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Do you want your company to experience blockchain technology first hand? Together with your team, we identify the best use cases for your company with the help of the 3+1 Rule and develop pretotypes to gain initial experience in the application of blockchain technology.

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Do you want to implement a blockchain use case? We can advise you in the planning and implementation of your blockchain project. By integrating our network of partners, we have access to relevant experts at all times and can ensure the success of your project.

The 3+1 Rule

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Our customers about blockchain with UNITY

„Based upon a profound blockchain know-how, UNITY supported us with a very thorough and well-structured analysis concerning the challenges associated with our use case. The derived recommendations are the foundation for our further approach in implementing the use case!”

Carlo van Driesten, Systems Architect Virtual Test & Validation, BMW Group

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