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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is leading to a paradigm shift in our economy. The use of new AI applications will have profound effects on business processes as well as business models and will further fuel the change through digital transformation.

Simply collecting a lot of data is not enough to create added value for the business. There are many different AI technologies and models that require different and complex knowledge. The required technology depends on the application and the available data. In practice, individual use cases are often created in the different areas of the company, which try to raise the potential of AI technologies and make them usable. Often, there is no strategic target vision, which leads to an unfocused and inefficient use of Artificial Intelligence in the different areas of the company.

With the help of artificial intelligence, knowledge can be generated and applied. Based on data, patterns are identified, rules are derived and decisions are made. AI is able to optimize, digitalize or even make business processes obsolete.

The development of a clear strategic goal (AI strategy) is decisive for the successful application of the key technology AI. The delta to this target image describes the design scope for the dimensions Organizational Structure for AI, AI Fast Track (Use Case) and Technical Infrastructure for AI.

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UNITY is consortium partner in the research project AI-Marketplace

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important key to innovative and efficient product creation. With the AI-Marketplace, we are creating an ecosystem that is unique in Germany and that will enable companies to tap the potential in this area. The lynchpin is the AI-Marketplace platform of the same name, where providers, users and experts can jointly develop and exchange AI solutions. Our vision is a marketplace that intelligently links platform users according to their supply and demand profile, while at the same time providing a protected space for secure data exchange and data sovereignty. In addition, an app store for AI applications that can be used directly by companies will be created, as well as a toolkit that will allow individual AI components to be configured into complete solutions tailored to the needs of individual companies.

The guarantee for success is our project consortium of 20 research institutions, networks and companies, with the technology cluster it' OWL as its nucleus. We rely on the expertise of the AI providers Cognitive Interaction Technology Cluster of Excellence CITEC, Hella Aglaia, Institute for Industrial Information Technology and Ubermetrics, as well as on the excellence of the AI users CLAAS, Diebold Nixdorf Düspohl, Hella Gutmann and Westaflex. The platform core consists of the organisations Contact Sofware, the Fraunhofer Institutes IEM, IOSB-INA and IPK, the FIWARE Foundation, the Heinz Nixdorf Institute, the International Data Spaces Association, prostep ivip e.V. and UNITY AG.

The AI-Marketplace plays an important role in ensuring the competitiveness of industry and significantly increasing the global visibility of Germany in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It contributes to ensuring that "Artificial Intelligence (AI) made in Germany" becomes a globally recognised seal of quality.

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UNITY bundles all of the competencies that pave the way for a successful AI implementation. You too can benefit from our expertise in process, technology and data. UNITY has 20 years of experience of integrating new technologies into processes. We already used artificial intelligence in a project 10 years ago for the first time, for data-based optimization of the supply chain.
The UNITY Innovation Alliance offers comprehensive expertise to support AI use cases through to operationalization. In addition to identifying use cases (AI Fast Track), implementing MVP software (NEXT), including the development of necessary electronics and sensors (Smart Mechatronics, Contech), can be supported from a single source.

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