Shape your agile corporate culture successfully!

An agile organization is a prerequisite for your digital transformation.

Agile Organization & Agile Transformation

Digitalization and Agile Transformation Go Hand in Hand

Agility is much more than just a framework for project implementation. It is a mindset that is necessary for companies to meet increasingly complex market requirements. Agility affects many aspects including processes, strategy, structure, culture, people and leadership.

Greater involvement of the individual in a self-organized, networked process enables an end-to-end understanding of the customer in the value network to create customized and successful solutions and attain business agility.

We take a holistic view of your agile transformation using iterative change cycles as the foundation for continuous adaptability. Our certified consultants (SAFe Agilists, Professional Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches) have not only many years of experience in agile transformation, but also the necessary industry experience and technical expertise.

  • What areas of your company can benefit from agile transformation? Together with you, we assess where agility can be used beneficially and what the first steps look like.
  • What can you do to reach the next level of agility? The answer to this question is usually not where you might expect it to be. Complete the Maturity Check with us and find out.
  • What competencies do you need for an agile transformation? We empower, support and qualify your employees throughout your individual agile transformation.
  • How do the demands on leadership change during transformation? We coach executives and, together with you, design your agile strategy and vision.


Advantages of an agile organization

Our agile understanding for your agile transformation – the UNITY approach


  • "Everything used to be better"
  • "Co-workers from other departments think differently"
  • Culture of competition and insufficient communication

A trustworthy, agile corporate culture through 

  • An established feedback culture
  • Dealing with mistakes openly 
  • Self-organized, empowered teams
  • Optimization of cooperation models


  • Fear of change 
  • "If we implement agile, I will lose my job" 
  • Distance in time and place 

People-centric development focus through 

  • Formats that allow for the continuous exchange of information and building knowledge
  • Internal know-how owners


  • Lack of executive management support 
  • "My department is more important!“
  • (Historically established) hierarchical leadership

Distributed assumption of responsibility through 

  • Empowerment and trust 
  • Exemplifying agile values & principles
  • Creating the necessary conditions (e.g. infrastructure)


  • Internal projects and control systems are unclear or do not function 
  • Lack of  project rooms 
  • Organizational structure, departmental silos and lack of networking

Networked organizational structures through

  • Established agile roles
  • Shortened decision-making paths 
  • Integration of customers into the organizational structure


  • "Does agility even make sense in context to our company?“
  • "The customers are very far away“
  • "Our suppliers wouldn't understand that"

A customer-centric strategy

  • Continuous adaptation & involvement of employees
  • Orientation towards customers & market
  • Consideration of new ways of working
  • Definition of a common vision


  • Slow decisions
  • Unclear decision-making paths
  • Splitter capacities and information

Reactive processes through

  • Use of agile practices and frameworks (e.g. Scrum, SAFe, NEXUS)
  • Reducing complexity and increasing transparency
  • Identification of all processes

Our Consulting Services for your agile transformation

Consulting in Agile Strategy and Leadership


We work with you to develop an agile vision and implementation strategy for your organization.

Agile Maturity Check


With the agile maturity check, we can find out how to achieve the next level of agility together with you.

Introduction of Agile Frameworks


We guide you in the implementation of various agile practices and collaboration models: OKR, SAFe, NEXUS, LESS, DevOps, etc.



More about introduction of agile frameworks

Agile Qualification


We provide expertise and qualify your employees and managers through training, impulses and workshops.

Team Support & Coaching


We empower your project teams and workflows in different areas from agile coaching to taking over different roles (e.g. Scrum Master).

Project References in Agile Organization and Agile Transformation

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