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It is common knowledge that as the fourth production factor, IT is gaining in importance and becoming a strategic competitive factor. The question is: Have companies accepted this fact and positioned themselves accordingly? To ensure sound IT management, UNITY offers a comprehensive range of consulting services that focus on generating added value. IT audits can be performed to determine the starting point for these services and the most important levers within the company’s IT. The result is a set of clear, benefit-oriented areas of action, from the IT strategy to its processes, services, organization and architecture. 

Our Consulting Services

What’s the status of my information and communications technology? - ICT analysis

All the information-processing units in a company are known collectively as its “ICT” (information and communications technology). ICT analyses provide answers to possible questions on the status, success factors and capabilities of the current ICT organization in a company. The areas of action derived from these analyses serve as a basis for future strategic decisions.

Connected to the business? - Scenario-based IT strategy

Development of valid IT scenarios that incorporate trends and market development. This approach serves to identify business potential within the value chain and unlock it by applying an appropriately designed IT strategy with the relevant master plan.

Correctly designed? – IT architecture

Complex, historically developed IT architectures must be broken up and simplified step by step. Flexible architectures must be set up in a way that clearly assigns the necessary functions to support processes. The focus here is on service and process orientation.

Customer-centered positioning? – IT services

How does an operator-focused IT organization become a service and consulting-oriented organization? What does this mean for IT-specific order processing and the personal development of IT staff? These and other questions must be answered on the way to a stronger customer focus.

A monkey wrench in the works? – IT implementation

Process optimization is a core discipline of every successful company. Here, IT increasingly plays a central role: it becomes the sparring partner for the business with regard to the topic of process optimization as well. Operative excellence in process execution can be achieved only if the right IT support is combined with the disciplines of process and change management – with a product-independent and structured approach as the key to success.

How secure are you? – IT security

Active IT security management is an increasingly vital factor in handling corporate data on mobile devices and using collaborative IT environments. Where are the greatest risks for your company and what protection is necessary as a result? How do you raise awareness among your own employees and partners when it comes to the handling of data? These are the questions for which every company must find its own answers.

Digital Transformation & Industrie 4.0

UNITY is your Partner in the Transformation Process.

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