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Together we implement the digital transformation in healthcare!

Health Market

Digitalization to benefit the patient!

For 15 years, we have been active in all aspects of the healthcare industry with the aim of using digitalization to benefit patients. The health market is undergoing a dynamic change that is characterized by disruptive influences. The digital transformation of all organizations in the health market and the networking of medical devices (interoperability) play a central role in this.

In the German market, the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) supports this development and enables hospitals to consistently implement their digitalization projects. Successful market players are using this as an opportunity to further develop their products, services and business models, conquer new markets and transform their organizational processes.

Due to the changing markets and regulations in the health market, new regulations are also emerging (e.g. MDR), which pose further challenges for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers.

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“I am impressed with the way the UNITY team works. They are not just another consulting company trying to roll out standard processes. They consider the entire project from a systemic perspective and guide everyone involved through the change process right from the start.”

Thomas Ertl, Chief Operating Officer, Medela AG


“UNITY is supporting us to ensure the process and technological aspects of the new construction of an outpatient surgical center. The use of simulation studies is helping us to build an optimal structure for the departments. With the UNITY team, we have been successful in excellent virtual collaboration – even in these difficult times with the coronavirus.“

Tamara Blesin, Team Leader of BO Planning, Medical Center – University of Freiburg


“UNITY has provided us with excellent support in developing and integrating digital service solutions for specific customer needs, thus creating significant added value. We not only appreciate the UNITY team's ability to develop a strategy, but more importantly its ability to implement and translate strategy into concrete actions in a market. Its knowledge of hospital IT solutions, artificial intelligence in healthcare and the hospital market complements with our expertise very well and thus makes our cooperation very constructive and valuable.“

Jörg Storre, PhD, VP, Global Lead Life Cycle Management, Vifor Pharma Management AG

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