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We support our customers in all value-adding process chains.

The aviation and aerospace industries are experiencing changes in the value chain between the OEM and suppliers. In addition, fundamental changes are also emerging in technology and structures: new materials and system concepts, as well as the topic of energy efficiency demands excellent development and production. The service providers in the sector, such as airlines, ground operations and airports, are facing different challenges. For example, distinctive and innovative product differentiation to exceed customer expectations, while consistently simplifying and accelerating processes.
UNITY supports its customers in the aviation and aerospace industries with these changes. We provide them with support in all value-adding process chains: product development, marketing, sales and service, and order processing. We drive their operational excellence and innovative performance. Our customers benefit from our industry expertise, our implementation strength and our efficient project and process management.

Our Consulting Services in Aviation & Aerospace

Digital Transformation and Industrie 4.0

Start your digitalization initiative with UNITY and set up your digital agenda!

Smart Logistics and Supply Chain

Industrie 4.0 is comprised of a diverse range of networked components that lead to intelligent value chains. UNITY determines your Industrie 4.0 maturity level and specifies the possible steps of development for your company. Together, we create custom Industrie 4.0 solutions considering cost-benefit-aspects.

Process Management

Lean and accepted processes for your transformation.

Digital Factory/Smart Factory

We digitalize your manufacturing equipment, specify intelligent automated equipment and increase your manufacturing efficiency by using PLM and MES systems in addition to automated equipment.

Program and Project Management

Effective and solution-oriented project implementation.

Innovation Management

Together we identify the right levers for future success and incorporate them into the company sustainably.

Systems Engineering

Together with you, we take appropriate action to ensure efficient, customer-driven product development and set the course for your future success.


With a proactive approach, we analyze opportunities and risks for your business by systematically thinking ahead and anticipating future developments through foresight. Together we develop alternative future scenarios and analyze trends and trend structures.

Marketing, Sales- & Services

Focus on marketing, sales and services and plan the Digital Transformation succesfully!

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