Japan Lean Study Tour

A  week-long trip to Japan to experience a unique mix of company visits, discussions and cultural activities.

Japan Lean Study Tour

A UNITYinnovations Event

Deepen your Lean competency in Japan...

... and find out what you can learn from the Japanese. We succeeded in bringing together 15-20 senior managers from various companies and industries who are all driving ambitious operational transformations. Together, we will visit several selected lean benchmark companies in Japan, share our experiences and discuss how you can take your lean implementations to the next level.

This program will enable you to

Observe the synergy of technical and cultural aspects of Lean implementation on site. Understand different production systems and their importance for the development of long-term competitive advantages.

Deepen your understanding of the role of the manager in discussions with Japanese executives. Experience leading infrastructures for continuous improvement and understand their success factors.

Of course, cultural aspects are not neglected. Japan's unique culture is conveyed through various events, which also bring participants closer together.


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