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Application process

Achieve your aim.

1. Your Application

Please enclose all documents (cover letter, CV, reference letters, degree certificates) in a PDF file and send us your complete application via our job portal. Shortly afterwards you will receive a confirmation.

2. Telephone interview

Following a successful application, we want to get to know you in a telephone interview. Initial information includes your motivations for working with us and anything that offers us a first impression of you and your skills. You have the opportunity to ask question, as well.

3. Interviews

Following a successful telephone interview, we will invite you for a personal interviews to get to know you better. Lasting between an hour and a half and two hours, this interview will establish how well you would fit in our team and how your skills and experience could contribute to our work.

4. Your Entrance

If your application process is successful, then there is nothing preventing you from beginning your work at UNITY!

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