UNITYacademy – Our Training Program

Qualified personnel is the key to a company’s success. In order to be fit for the future and always stay ahead of the competition, an organization must continuously improve itself and be open to new ideas.

The UNITYacademy offers a wide range of high-level training courses that are customized to meet current industry requirements and optimally prepare employees for every type of challenge. Our mission is to enable your employees to acquire sustainable skills that instigate change in your business. We recognize our responsibility in helping your employees develop sustainable competencies to fuel your company’s progress.

Our Approach

The guiding principle of our training and professional development offerings is to empower our employees and clients: The goal is not just to impart knowledge but also to give participants the skills to come up with innovative solutions and to ensure their sustainable implementation. We use hands-on training for integral learning and offer employees and managers with the most current technical knowledge, soft skills and leadership skills. Training courses are customized to fulfill specific client requirements and are adjusted to a company’s corporate context, enabling effective implementation in the workplace.

Our training methods are regularly adapted to meet the latest trends in learning and training.

Our Services

  • High quality training for employees and managers
  • Concept development and creation of training courses, seminars and workshops
  • Execution of project-oriented training courses with high practical relevance
  • Support in strategic employee and HR development
  • Executive coaching

We create customized offers for you.

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Judith Pohlmeier
Head of Human Resources
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