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Systems Engineering in Industrial Practice

In the study “Systems Engineering in Industrial Practice”, the Heinz Nixdorf InstitutFraunhofer-IPT and UNITY have explained what lies behind systems engineering and how companies can profit from this approach: in product development, systems engineering enables processes, methods, IT tools, staff, and organization to be made ready for challenging development projects.

The SE approach, originating from the aerospace industry, is also consistently gaining importance in other industries: products are becoming intelligent and networked, their system boundaries are shifting, and new company collaborations are emerging in development and operations. This is presenting companies with new challenges which they can successfully tackle using systems engineering.

In addition to clarifying the term “systems engineering” and emphasizing the importance of this approach for companies, the aim of this study is also to demonstrate that systems engineering is a key requisite for developing complex technical systems from an industrial perspective. However, widespread adoption has not yet been possible as the current performance of systems engineering in industrial practice indicates a gap between company requirements and expectations. This particularly relates to the applicability and acceptance of existing methods and tools.

An overview of the study is available in our extract.

Anyone interested can order the entire "Systems Engineering in Industrial Practice" study as a PDF. 

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