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OPPORTUNITY: The 6 Success Patterns of Innovation Management

What is important for successful innovation to take place? The answer is always very dependent upon a company’s current situation. Nevertheless, there are six success patterns in innovation management that can be applied independent of industry, company situation and structure. We have worked out these recurring success patterns from our numerous, innovation-related customer projects over the last few years, and we have compiled them for you. 

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OPPORTUNITY: Digital Business Processes and Models change the Workplace

What do business processes and business models look like in the era of Industrie 4.0? How do they influence the workplace, apprenticeship and in-service training? And how can businesses take their employees along the way, integrating them into necessary change processes? These questions are answered in the seventh edition of our OPPORTUNITY series, which is appearing in a fresh new layout with the title “Digital Business Processes and Models Change the Workplace”. Decision makers learn what changes to anticipate and how to prepare for them in order to be successful in the future. The elaboration is based on our experience from consulting projects on the one hand and on results of leading research projects by acatech on the other hand.

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OPPORTUNITY: Systems Engineering – The next Level of Product Development

The increasing complexity of technical products and integrated product and service combinations have a huge impact on product development. With Systems Engineering (SE) companies can successfully master the new level of complexity. The 5th issue OPPORTUNITY  "Systems Engineering – The next Level of Product Development" explains how companies can individually adapt SE to their needs. Thereby, we consider the relevant areas SE strategy, competencies, processes, organization and specific development projects.

OPPORTUNITY: From Product Business to Service Business: Developing Innovative Services

The fourth OPPORTUNITY edition shows that producing companies can achieve enormous competitive advantages by developing an additional service business. The survey “From Product Business to Service Business: Developing Innovative Services” explains what lies behind “customer centricity”, exemplifies four service strategies using vivid examples from different economic sectors and illustrates a method for a systematic development of customer centered service innovations.  

Systems Engineering in the industrial practice

Together with the Heinz Nixdorf Institute and the Fraunhofer project group “Software design methods mechatronics” UNITY published the survey “Systems Engineering in the industrial practice”. In this survey the term “systems engineering (SE)” is explained and how companies can create a future-proof  product development. It shows that systems engineering is rapidly gaining significance in many economic sectors and also illustrates the current level of performance.

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OPPORTUNITY – Electric mobility – New processes for companies and clients

The third edition of OPPORTUNITY is also the second one on the topic electric mobility. Under the title “Electric mobility – New processes for companies and clients” the survey asks the questions how electric mobility can get into a phase of successful implementation following its hype. Specific fields of action are pointed out and methods as well as competences are introduced with which companies can approach the demands and challenges successfully.

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Living & Health in Potsdam – Citizen care 2025

In order to maintain a qualitative medical and nursing care even in times of the demographic change, tight target-oriented alliances of all healthcare protagonists on-site are necessary. 

With the survey “Living & Health in Potsdam – Citizen care 2025” UNITY published a further survey after “Undertaking the future – Germany 2020” in the public sector. This survey illustrates the citizens´ needs and shows potential ways into the future. 

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OPPORTUNITY – Electric mobility – Companies´ perspectives and chances

The second edition of “OPPORTUNITY – Facts for decision-makers” concerns itself with the topic “Electric mobility – Companies´ perspectives and chances”. For this edition over 80 studies on the topic electronic mobility were evaluated and numerous experts were interviewed. It gives a well-founded overview on essential developments in the area of electronic mobility and prepares especially suppliers and potential new players for business opportunities and expected changes. 

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OPPORTUNITY – Future scenarios in the retrospective – What is the actual benefit of the scenario technique?

The first edition of “OPPORTUNITY – Facts for decision-makers” concerns itself with “Future scenarios in the retrospective – What is the actual benefit of the scenario technique?” and was authored by Prof. Dr.-Ing Gausemeier, chair of product development at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute of the University Paderborn. Scenario projects conducted in the past are put under scrutiny and proven to be reliable. Also an overview on different scenario-techniques is given, the phases of a typical scenario project are described and challenges and problem fields are discussed.

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OP of the future – A scenario based view for the year 2020

Never before the world has been as fast moving as today. Modern information and communication technologies shape and change our society at a pace, which was unimaginable a couple of years ago. Our life is continuously changing. We believe that these changes also challenge the workspace OP. In order to visualize these new requirements to all the different protagonists in the OP, we have to anticipate the imminent changes in the OP. Only those thinking the future developments ahead can actively shape them in their daily actions. 

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Undertaking the future – Germany 2020

What will Germany look like in 2020, how could the society change? These questions are the foundation of the future-study by the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland (WJD) and UNITY. The survey introduces potential scenarios of the future and their consequences on the areas politics, economics and environment. The goal was to use the scenario technique in order to reduce the complexity of the future and to develop consistent scenarios. By this the WJDs´strategic orientation was shaped more effectively and current ideas were channeled in an appropriate matter. 

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