Lean and accepted processes with the OMEGA method

Processes and Transformation

Leading organizations today are characterized by a high degree of functional division of labor, by specialization and by deep hierarchies. This has led to a fragmentation of business processes and a lessening of efficiency at the interfaces. Furthermore, potentials for future success can be identified and realized only with difficulty on account of the one-sided, functional orientations of employees and management.

We optimize the business processes of our customers to make better use of current potentials and synergies. The main areas of focus here are the workflows and the way these are organized. Our whole-picture approach is systematic and includes the effective support of business processes, from conceiving them and involving employees in this initial step to bringing them to life. We take into consideration all the processes at work in your organization.

OMEGA: Our Method of Business Process Modeling

In the area of process management, business process modeling is the foundation of any business process restructuring project and of any introduction of improvement measures. For this, UNITY makes use of the OMEGA (Object-Oriented Method of Business Process Modeling and Analysis) method. With this, complex company processes become comprehensible and open to analysis.

Project References

Our Consulting Services

For each individual process, we identify the most pressing issues so that your company processes can evolve with the ever-changing demands of remaining competitive:

  • Analysis of the as-is processes
    Methodical examination of existing processes to check for weaknesses and for optimization potential
  • Determination of the optimization measures
    Financial evaluation and prioritization of possible process improvements and the drawing-up of an implementation strategy
  • Definition of the new target state for the processes
    Creation of process charts and organizational instructions for the relevant implementation steps
  • Independent system selection and -implementation
    Support for the processes through the Implementation of IT Systems
  • Implementation Support
    Implementation of the target processes, implementation controlling and efficient Project Management
  • Change Management
    Support for managers and employees in tackling change
  • Process Training and Coaching
    Training and coaching of managers and employees, as well as personality training and specialist training with the UNITYacademy
  • Process Benchmarking
    Comparison of the company with its competitors
  • Process Controlling
    Tracking of the process performance indicators